Natural Bridge Work Release Program

In the past year plans for a work release program have evolved.  Robbie Turner, the previous coordinator, volunteered with the Natural Bridge Juvenile Correction Center when he was an undergrad at W&L.  The national Campus Kitchen office encourages each kitchen to incorporate some sort of culinary and job training program into its curriculum.  Robbie put the pieces together and worked with the NBJCC work release coordinator Jim Harper to make a Campus Kitchen Work Release Intern a reality. 

Since the idea originated, countless hours of effort have been put into raising the funds for the program.  Thanks to the generosity of the Gadsden Fund, the Baltimore Foundation and United Way, we gathered the funding needed to start the program.  Every piece was in place.

November 21st the NBJCC work release program came to fruition.  Seth, our new intern, works for Campus Kitchen 16 hours per week, and for the Healthy Foods Co-op in downtown Lexington 8 hours a week.  It is exciting to have an extra pair of hands, and also to think of the impact this time could have on Seth, exploring the non-profit sector.  We look forward to great things from him in the months to come!


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