Seed to Feed

The Seed to Feed Program is a nutrition education program aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles while exposing participants to sustainability and “green” issues in their community.  Moreover, it links community members with the W&L population through Service Learning courses that place W&L students in such volunteer capacities as Seed to Feed.  Each Seed to Feed lesson consists of sharing a healthy meal with the target audience that incorporates fresh produce, sharing with them information about the specific nutrients found in that produce in an engaging manner, and playing games or partaking in other activities which serve to inform them about the nutrition in fresh produce in a hands-on way.  The lessons sometimes include a planting exercise where lesson participant plant seeds which will then be transplanting into W&L’s community garden as a way to keep them involved in local sustainability efforts. 

Here volunteer Emily Leary leads the kids at the Office on Youth Afterschool Program in Nutrition Bingo.img_27581


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