Work-Release Intern- Hello!

The Work and Education Release Program at the Natural Bridge Juvenile Correctional Center gives many kids a chance to learn new skills that can help them to be successful in their futures. People in this program are given the ability to leave the campus of the facility and work among society, or to take classes in a nearby community college. Most of the people who have entered this program have left the facility with a renewed sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that they are able to do most anything they put their minds to.

I have been working at the Campus Kitchen Project of Washington and Lee University for little under a month and I have already began to learn many things I once took for granted. I have taken a step further towards the path I intend to go, and one step farther away from the path I was on.

This program gives me satisfaction in knowing that I am helping more people now then I have ever thought to. I believe that this has been one of the greatest opportunities of my present being. I am very hopeful to continue participating in this program, and continue in the learning experience that helps me to work towards a brighter future.


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