Thumbs Up

I walk towards the gym carrying the cooler of what smells like some kind of tea blend. I’ve had a rough night so I’m not as energized as I normally am when we got to see the kids. I’m actually kind of eager to get the whole day over with so I can go back to the camp and catch some z’s.

But as soon as I walk through the door, I see the little guys sitting around in a circle on the floor. Then, it begins. The chanting little chorus of my name is echoed throughout the walls. All of my miniature friends pumped with energy at the sight of me. My little bud Will runs up and gives me a “thumbs up”, one of the greatest compliments you can get from him. The chanting continues and my spirit feels lifted, I’m almost ashamed of myself for not realizing how much a little boy could miss playing “the blue cup” game with you, or how a little girl could want to show you how many ways she can dribble a bouncy ball.

I think to myself how selfish I was, wanting to hurry up and end the day, when all these little kids, my friends, needed me more than I needed myself.  I pride myself in the satisfaction that I will remember these moments for the rest of my life.


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