Expanding our Reach

The Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee is making its presence further out in the county- specifically towards Glasgow and Natural Bridge.  A few months ago we expanded our Habitat for Humanity meal service to include four houses in Glasgow. 

Today, our first set of backpacks (101 to be exact) go out to Natural Bridge Elementary for students who qualify for free lunch to take home food for the weekend.  To make this project even more exciting, just yesterday we found out we have received a Do Something Disaster Relief Grant of $500 to help with transportation costs and ensure we’ll always have enough food to fill the backpacks.

What’s more, on January 18th (MLK Day) CKWL is heading to Glasgow for a service day followed by a meal that will kick off our twice monthly meal service to the Glasgow community.  We’re planning to advertise and recruit through the Glasgow Food Pantry.  The Concerned Citizens of Glasgow are allowing us to use the old school building to serve the meals, and we received a MLK Day Grant through the national CKP office to help cover expenses as well.

Get ready Glasgow!  Campus Kitchen is coming!


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