“Wing-ing Along through the Week

Every Wednesday, I (Rosemary Kelley ’10) have the opportunity to deliver after-school snacks to Lexington City Office on Youth.  This opportunity to hang out with elementary and middle school children allows me to bring healthy snacks, help with homework, craft, color, and most of all laugh.  Today was no exception to the rule.

With cheer, my fellow volunteers and I served up delicious wings, carrot sticks, and cinnamon pita chips.

By the end of the afternoon, “clean faces” became an idea of the past. Check out our messy hands and faces below!

Our bellies full, we moved onto homework, lego-construction contests, playing school, bead  and coloring activities, and some twirling and dancing led by our very own Asha. (See picture below)

Every week,  I look forward to these times where I can spend time with these kids, crack jokes, make someone smile for a moment.  Caught up in the busy week with school, sports, and many obligations, I always find myself tired by Wednesday afternoons.  By the time I get to a Wednesday afternoon, I’m simply wing-ing it.

And the lessons I’ve learned along the way are are too numerous to count.  If I were to begin the list of “kid” world lessons, it would turn to a novel.   I’ve re-learned what it’s like to be a kid, where homework can be finished in 30 minutes.  I’ve been re-taught the beauty of coloring, the importance of sharing my toys, and learned dance routines, and most importantly how to laugh.  I see these new friends get along without succumbing to mean-insults when someone doesn’t share.  Maybe one girl helps another with homework, or helps out on a craft activity.  More often than not, they act with kindness, patience, and honesty.   Every week, I bring a snack and leave with much more.  Every week, these Wednesday afternoons reset my heart and I’m suddenly not wing-ing it through the remaining days of the week, and am that much more capable of the “grown-up” world.


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