Student Leadership-Unlimited Potential

The Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee is reaching yet another milestone.  Our leadership structure is updating to adapt to our growing operations (we’re currently serving up to 475 meals each week).  Here’s the scoop on the new structure.

The Operations Leadership Team will work in a very similar manner to our current leadership structure.  Students can commit for one term, and lead one or more volunteer shifts at the kitchen each week.  Operations LT members will be required to help with at least 2 special events per term, and to stay in communication with CKWL coordinator about the shift(s) they lead, but will not have to attend meetings more than once/term.

The Executive Leadership Team will consist of four members: the Campus Outreach Intern, the Produce Coordinator, the Community Outreach Intern, and the Grant-Writing Assistant.  These positions will afford students the opportunity to learn more about how non-profits work, and to take a leading role in creating a vision and a future for CKWL.

Cover Letter and resume are due to Jenny at by April 2nd.  Feel free to email with any questions as well.


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