Spring Break Report

Washington and Lee Students are on break this week, and have scattered.  They’re everywhere from the beach in Florida to Big Ugly, West Virginia (just a little shout out to Bonner Leaders).  Here at CKWL, not much changes.  Except  crazy hours for me as we continue to serve our 16 partner agencies.  Throughout the year it’s been wonderful to see the Student Leadership Team step up and take on responsibility for shifts, and with that step to work a 9-5 Monday through Friday schedule despite CKWL’s 7 days a week operations.  Now that students are gone for the week, it’s been really nice for me to reconnect with clients.  Last night I served dinner at the R.E. Lee Apartment building, and it was so nice to sit and enjoy a piece of cheesecake with old friends.  Tonight it’s off to Glasgow for a meal at the Community Center.  Breaks are a nice chance to check in with every aspect of the kitchen so I’m soaking it in.  I couldn’t keep this pattern up forever, which makes me much more appreciative of the students in leadership, and has me looking forward to two full time interns this summer.  Happy Break!


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