Tuesdays are typically pretty crazy around here- there is a pick-up from Wal-Mart immediately followed by a lunch delivery that each week has me running around like crazy trying to get everything done.  I think today takes the cake.  I received a call this morning from Wal-Mart asking me to bring a truck- a sure sign we’d have lots of eggs to sort.  And we did- 300 pounds worth.  With the help of our all-star volunteer Lauren I was able to get done in time for the lunch shift.

I packed everything up and headed to Buena Vista.  Much to my surprise, upon arriving at our delivery site I saw staff only in a CPR training session.  They apologized profusely for not calling to cancel the shift.  I didn’t want our delicious sloppy joes to go to waste, so I called over to another partner agency located in Buena Vista- the Magnolia Center- to see if they would accept a spur of the moment lunch offer.  They did and volunteers Amy, Patty and I headed their direction to serve some of my favorite clients a bonus meal (we’ll be back Friday).

Back to the kitchen for clean-up, and low and behold the faucet comes off our three compartment sink, soaking the surrounding area and my shirt.  Luckily I have extra CKP shirts at the kitchen!!!  I put in a quick call to Kenny (the plumbing supervisor for W&L Facilities Management) and he has already come by to fix it.

So quite the chaotic day, but all’s well that ends well.


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