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This week is an exciting one, an opportunity to see funding come in.  Here are some of the sources:

~one-by-one grant from 4imprint (so this one came in awhile ago, but just this morning I spoke with their PR company so that we can promote CKWL through them, exciting!)

~$1,000 from the Food Lion Foundation (check back after Monday May 17th, the day we get handed a giant check at our local store)

~Catering efforts- CKWL volunteers catered for the Shepherd Advisory Board while they were in town and helped W&L’s Catering Department run the line at the Presidential Breakfast at Alumni Weekend.  The transfers come through this week.

~Last night two students presented the CKWL budget to the Executive Committee (student government).  We have been allocated $13,000 for the 2010-2011 academic year.

All in all this has been a “money” week, which is exciting as we look forward to another year with the Campus Kitchen!


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  1. The breakfast looks like a lot of fun Jenny I was very intrigued by the Ratatouille pictures – I’ve always wanted to try this as I really enjoy food and have a food blog. I also noticed the Blueberry Blooms, i must say how beautiful. 😉

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