Not all sugar is created equal

This is the lesson that 45 Elementary aged students (in two separate sessions- the Summer Fun group and the YMCA group) learned last week through our Seed to Feed nutrition program.  Our intern Kathryn, despite currently working with the Alumni College program, has pulled together lesson plans and interactive tools to show our young clients how much sugar they are allotted each day, and some of the treats they may not realize push them over the edge.

We talked about which sugars are naturally occurring in food, and that just because “candy” is all sugar, it doesn’t mean it’s good sugar.

Our morning session follows up the lesson with a trip to volunteer in the Campus Kitchen garden.  While there, they see first hand that good sugars are in the blueberries on the bush, or the vegetables they pick.  And of course everyone can appreciate natural goodness much more after seeing what goes in to growing food!


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