Magnolia Center Visit #4

My fourth trip to the Magnolia Center was largely spent talking to an employee. We talked about the nature of the members’ poverty. She explained that there is a great range of income levels among the clients. Some come from very wealthy backgrounds, while some are income poor. Many of the members of the Magnolia Center live in three of the Rockbridge area’s four group homes.
Because I spent most of the time serving food and talking to the employee, I wasn’t able to communicate much with the clients. However, this visit reinforced what I proposed in earlier entries: income poverty is not the main problem the Magnolia center seeks to alleviate. Although the Magnolia Center does an admirable job attempting to increase the capability of the members, the caretakers of the members enjoy the majority of the benefits of the center. Full-time caretaking is a tremendous responsibility; the Magnolia Center attempts to lessen this responsibility, allowing caretakers to work and enjoy time separate from their dependents. These caretakers, as I mentioned earlier, are not necessarily parents. The Magnolia Center also reduces the burden of care shared by the employees at group homes, allowing these employees to focus their energies on needier inhabitants.


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