It’s times like these…

Graham Sheridan ’11 packing a Backpack for CKWL

I most appreciate the Student Leadership Team!  W&L’s Washington Break was this past week, which means students scattered across the country and abroad.  CKWL had volunteers from the track team, international students, and the local Jaycees chapter helping to keep the Campus Kitchen operational for the week, serving 552 meals.

The Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee has grown steadily since it’s start, and especially since welcoming ARAMARK and Wal-Mart as donors.  The growth is great and we LOVE our partner agencies.  Weeks without the leadership team, however, are hectic and tiring.

So here is a special shout out to our Leadership Team members, we literally could not do this without you!

Winter/Spring 2011 Campus Kitchen Leadership Team

  • Juhi Amin ‘13
  • Elise Hansen ‘13
  • Ann Marie Haynie ‘13
  • Ginny Hodges ’11 (Community Outreach Executive Team Member)
  • Olivia Kantwill ’13 (Grant Writing Executive Team Member)
  • Mike Kuntz ‘11
  • Ronald Magee ‘13
  • Kathryn Marsh-Soloway ‘13
  • Mary Morgan Radcliff ‘11
  • Alex Shabo ‘12
  • Graham Sheridan ‘11
  • Kelsey Sizer ’12 (Campus Outreach Executive Team Member)
  • Bich Tran ‘13
  • Isaac Webb ‘13
  • Morten Wendelbo ’12 (Produce/Garden Executive Team Member)

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