When Good Things Come Our Way

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If you keep up with our Campus Kitchen through facebook and/or twitter then you probably already know that we have received a Wal-Mart Foundation Grant in the amount of $25,000.  Yes, I said $25,000!!!!!  We’re very excited about what this grant allows us to do.  Here’s a preview:

  • Purchase our very own minivan.  One with the stow and go seats.  This should lead to far fewer runs back and forth to Wal-Mart to pick up donations because we can fit more in one trip.  It will also mean that Leadership Team members without a car are not at the mercy of the Shepherd Car’s availability.  Hurray!!!
  • The Backpack Program is expanding.  The grant was written targeting backpacks, but including a vehicle to make us more efficient.  We have secured partnerships with both Central Elementary (for which Manly Memorial Baptist Church is purchasing backpacks and supplying volunteers, we’ll supply the food) and Waddell Elementary (a brand new partnership with Lexington City Schools, our other backpack partnerships are all in the county).
  • This is actually what the grant has already allowed- some great press.  CKWL was featured on the front page of the Roanoke Times on Monday.  We hope you enjoy the article!

The summer is going strong here at CKWL, and there are only 2 1/2 weeks left for Lauren and Ivan at the kitchen.  Time flies because we’re having so much fun!




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