Program Musings

Our Campus Kitchen is striving to make a big impact on hunger in Rockbridge County.  We add to our operations because a higher meal count automatically makes a bigger impact.  Instead of packing 120 backpacks/week we’re packing 300+.  Bigger number, bigger impact.

But what about going beyond just serving meals?  What can we do to make an impact that lasts longer than the calories provided by the food?  That is what CKWL is starting to look at, and here are our ideas:

  • Hold cooking sessions with clients.  These will start next week with the Magnolia Center and the Rockbridge Area Occupational Center.  Hopefully a bit more education about cooking will help keep stomachs full long term.

  • Improve and expand our youth nutrition education classes.  Continue to teach the value of a balanced diet, but also address hunger issues in Rockbridge County.  We want to talk about food insecurity and proper nutrition together.
  • Develop a healthy cooking on a budget curriculum to open up to the community.  We have a vision, but still need to make real progress.

What about you?  Has your CK made a big impact outside of meals served?  What ideas do you have to reach the community?


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