Student Visionary

Ingrid Easton '06

The Campus Kitchens Project national office gives out several awards at the annual conference gathering.  One of these awards is the Ingrid Easton Student Visionary Award, which recognizes the entrepreneurial drive in out student leaders, who dream big and make it happen.  The award is named in honor of Ingrid Easton, Washington and Lee University graduate 2006 who achieved her goal of opening a Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee University in September 2006.

Turkeypalooza 2010, Shiri Yadlin '12 is on the right.

Equally exciting with having an award named in honor of a W&L student, is that on Friday evening the annual award was given to Shiri Yadlin ’12.  Shiri has been involved as a volunteer with CKWL since her freshman year, and a key member of the Student Leadership Team ever since.  She is our Campus Outreach Intern, organizing fundraisers, food drives, and  Turkeypalooza’s Bring Your Turkey to Work Day.  Shiri also leads multiple shifts each week.

I was honored to nominate Shiri for this award, and thrilled to have the CKP staff recognize Shiri for all her hard work.  Congratulations Shiri!


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