November 2011 Statistics and Volunteer Spotlight

In November CKWL…

-served 2,233 meals

-passed along  4,136 lbs of food to local food pantries

-enlisted 401.5 volunteer hours from 70 volunteers

-recovered 7,984 lbs of food that would otherwise have gone to waste

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers!  Each month we will feature the volunteers who cross a new threshold in service here with our statistics!  The new year began July 1st, 2011 so hours are counted from that date.

Completing over 20 hours through November 30th:

  • Alyssa Hardnett
  • Charles Myers
  • Elise Hansen
  • Joseph Liu
  • Kathryn Marsh-Soloway
  • Kate LeMasters
  • MaryBeth Schuder
  • Sara Hardman

Competing over 50 hours through November 30th:

  • Alvin Thomas
  • Jenny Bulley
  • Kelsey Sizer
  • Shiri Yadlin

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