A Rainbow of Health

Shiri Yadlin '12 passing out beads as our friends taste test the rainbow.

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Rockbridge Area Occupational Center a bit differently.  We made jewelry together, but it came with a catch.  We had an assortment of healthy fruits and vegetables with colored beads to match.  When trying the various food items, our clients learned about why that item is good for them and earned a bead for their bracelets.  They were able to taste the rainbow!   We offered:

  • Red: Cherry Tomatoes
  • Orange:  Baby Carrots
  • Yellow:  Sweet Bell Pepper
  • Green:  Cucumber
  • Blue:  Blueberries
  • Purple:  Grapes

We’re at it again tomorrow at the Magnolia Center and the Office on Youth.  Have you tasted the rainbow?


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