Call to Action from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank

The Campus Kitchen at Washington and Lee is a member agency of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.  Just yesterday we received this email with a call to action for hunger related policy.  Please take a minute to read, and follow up on this call to action.

Action Alert: The Farm Bill is Moving in the Senate–Call Congress


The Senate Agriculture Committee is poised to release its farm bill over the next several days and we need to make sure that their bill protects and strengthens critical hunger-relief programs. Millions of Americans all across the country are struggling to put food on the table. With unemployment expected to remain above 8 percent this year and long-term unemployment at still at record highs, programs like SNAP and TEFAP are more important than ever. Your Senators need to hear from you TODAY. We hope you can take a moment to call both of your senators and help us demonstrate how important hunger-relief programs are to your community.

Call Today!

Just dial 1-877-698-8228 to be connected directly to both of your senators. The system allows you to connect toll-free to both of your senators without hanging up the phone.

  • Dial 1-877-698-8228. When prompted, enter your zip code and listen to the brief instructions. You’ll then be patched through to your first Senator’s office automatically.
  • Tell them that you are a constituent and state the name of the town you are calling from.
  • Let them know you are calling about the Farm Bill and deliver these two important messages:TEFAP Message: Please support strengthening funding for TEFAP, which is a critical source of food for food banks and the clients we serve.

    SNAP Message: I urge you to support SNAP and oppose any proposals that would change SNAP’s structure or reduce funding, restrict eligibility or reduce benefits.

Spread the Word!

One call is not enough! Be sure to share our action alert with your agencies, volunteers, donors, advocates, partners, board members, and other local supporters. Post it on Facebook and Twitter. Help us show Congress that there is a constituency for ending hunger in America!


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