Year in Review

Here at Washington and Lee University the fiscal year ends June 30.  In going with that schedule, that means it is time for us at CKWL to reflect on another year gone by.  This year has seen some incredible milestones, and the future continue to looks bright.   So let’s reflect on 2011-2012 and look to the future.


Last year started out great.  We’d just received news that CKWL was receiving a $25,000 grant from the Wal-Mart Foundation to support our Weekend Backpack Snack Program and the purchase of a vehicle to call our own.  Tomas and Sarah shared in the excitement when we purchased a new to us 2009 Volkeswagon Routan.

In September our Weekend Backpack Snack Program was able to expand to include both Central Elementary and Waddell Elementary School.  Manly Memorial Baptist Church adopted Central Elementary School to pack and deliver backpacks weekly.  The youth group from Lexington Baptist Church packed all the rest!

In October our CKWL contingent hit the road.  Alvin Thomas ’14, Jenny Bulley ’14 and I drove to St. Louis for the Campus Kitchens Project Conference jointly hosted by CKSLU and CKWashU.  We just so happened to overlap with the World Series.

In November AmeriCorps *VISTA member Stephanie Furlong joined our ranks just in time for Turkeypalooza.  There’s nothing quite like jumping right in by serving 468 pounds of turkey!

December is slower at the Campus Kitchen as we prepare for our holiday break.  Of course, a highlight every holiday is the Magnolia Center’s Christmas play.  Mark your calendars for this coming year, it is always a hit!

In January our Backpack Program expanded once more to include Mountainview Elementary School.  This was made possible by grant support from the Gadsden Fund.  January also brought Carilion Stonewall Jackson Hospital on board as a food donor.

In February we explored the color spectrum of fruits and veggies at Rockbridge Area Occupational Center, the Magnolia Center, and the Lexington Office on Youth.  Do you eat the rainbow?

In April we served our 100,000th meal in the Rockbridge area.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve our partner agencies and spend time with our clients.  We look forward to continuing to serve in years to come!

And finally, our year has concluded with the construction of our new (and permanent) home in the Global Service House.

Looking Forward

And so, as we look into 2012-2013, we foresee:

  • A move into the new Campus Kitchen in August 2012, with a dedication later in the fall.
  • A partnership with the Buena Vista elementary schools through the Weekend Backpack Program beginning in September 2012.
  • Increased student voice on our blog.
  • Another conference road trip, this time to CKLEE in Tennessee.
  • Continued expansion of our services as we grow into our new space.

Think back on your year with the Campus Kitchen.  What sticks out to you?  Share your favorite CK memories in the comments!


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